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PhatTubz - American Made Scientific Glass Water Pipes


   The finest in high quality American made glass

We only use the finest raw materials in the world to create our unique waterpipes.  

All of our Tubz are hand made in America!

  We offer exclusive distributorships to high end American owned smoke shops. All the stores we deal with have been checked to insure that our Phat Tubz will only be sold in the Phattest smoke shops across the country. We pride ourselves in partnering with the best shops in the world and by giving those shops our high quality products we hope to someday wipe out all the crappy imported glass shops that have been ruining our indusrty for several years now!! We are Americans and we believe in the fact that an American made product is far superior than some junk produced over seas in a third world sweat shop utilizing child labor!! By buying American made products you are doing your part to re-build our great nation's economy, and having a little fun in the process.

If you see our products in a store not listed on our authorized dealerz list, please drop us a line and let us know.

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